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Social Impact Report 2019

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Social impact report 2019 Our year of improving society person by person

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We re on a journey to improve society person by person

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CONTENTS 4 Foreword By Phillip Ullmann Cordant Chief Energiser 10 About us Strong family foundations which keep us connected 13 Our beliefs Our positive impact aspirations and success measures 14 Our goals The focus areas to which our social initiatives align 15 Our strategy Our ve point strategy to support us in achieving our goals 17 20 21 23 24 28 Good jobs for all Maximising potential Building resilience Giving forward Reviving business Our initiatives The valuable work from the past 12 months Nothing is complete nothing is perfect The single uid brushstroke nds strength in imperfection Expressive authentic creative dynamic it s a symbol of change Our name represents strength and support a cord gives power through connection The multiple strands work together to bind secure and protect 29 Our measures United Nations SDGs which align to our social purpose initiatives 30 What s next Our future social impact initiatives

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A great example of a company that can completely change their game Ground breaking innovative and excellent on all counts A great vision and well executed clearly a great place to work with a very set mission for everyone Judges at the 2019 Global Recruiter Awards

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FOREWORD Trust in business and politicians has eroded We live in times where trust in business and politicians has eroded to what I sense is an all time low and that this loss of trust has manifested itself in very concerning ways across our society A new level of consciousness is evolving where people are demanding more from business leaders and politicians around the globe and I rmly believe things will only get worse if business leaders and politicians alike do not change the current course we are on and in the words of Colin Mayer Professor of Management Studies at Oxford s Sa d Business School start repurposing our institutions to solve the problems for people and planet whilst doing no harm to people and planet The business community is starting to recognise that it must better serve the interests of all stakeholders as can be seen from the statement of purpose issued by 181 leaders from many of the largest global corporations and members of the Business Roundtable Like most businesses Cordant historically focused on maximising pro ts and shareholder value where only one measure the nancial capital of the business counted and therefore got measured and where business decisions ultimately focused on the interests of one stakeholder our shareholders 4

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It s our business to make lives better FOREWORD A signi cant proportion of our business operates within the exible outsourcing labour market which is synonymous with precarious low paid work that typically o ers no guarantee of hours and limited opportunities for people to progress Not only does this create a negative impact on wellbeing as people struggle to make ends meet or build the nancial resilience to cope with the challenges life throws at them many also become reliant on charity or state support to merely survive It can also leave people vulnerable to exploitation The existence of modern slavery in the 21st century and the proliferation of payday and loan shark lending in recent years are just some of the many clear signs the current model of capitalism is not delivering the right outcomes for people Research is also telling us that people are largely disengaged when they are at work which cannot be healthy for them or the organisations they work for At Cordant we recognised the need to change and have a strong desire and vision to build a new model for doing business that puts people and planet before pro t and delivers prosperity for all our stakeholders The rst change we made in late 2017 when we announced our transition to become a social business was to cap shareholder dividends and senior executive salaries These are critical to our commitment to developing a more sustainable and equitable model for our business showing that people and society at large can trust that rather than being focussed on our own self interest everyone at Cordant is committed to the service of others We also recognise the challenges faced by disadvantaged and under represented groups from within our society in being able to access sustainable employment or realising their full potential There are signi cant opportunities to solve this problem by helping employers develop a more diverse inclusive exible and productive workforce 5

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A new level of consciousness is evolving where people are demanding more from business leaders and politicians around the globe I rmly believe things will only get worse if business leaders and politicians alike do not change the current course we are on and start repurposing our institutions to solve the problems for people and planet Phillip Ullmann Chief Energiser Cordant

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FOREWORD Business through a di erent lense We started looking at our business through a di erent lens and with the support of many great colleagues across the Cordant family partners and some like minded clients we have been able to deliver a number of initiatives that have already positively impacted many people s lives some of which we are delighted to share within this report We also appointed an advisory board chaired by Lord Nat Wei of Shoreditch a highly respected social reformer and entrepreneur who will hold myself and the Cordant board to account on the commitments we are making and is helping us to shape our vision for the future In the background we engaged with social impact advisors think tanks and leading academics to help us truly understand the opportunities we have to create an organisation that delivers prosperity for all our stakeholders and contributes to creating a better world for generations to come This has culminated in the launch of a new purpose for our organisation to improve society person by person a strategy that puts this purpose at the heart of everything we do 7

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FOREWORD While people need nancial capital to survive once they have enough to live a ful lling life do they really need more What people truly value are human relationships family community and their faith and beliefs Most want to live in a world where wealth is more fairly distributed and generated without doing harm to people or the planet I don t see why organisations which ultimately exist to serve people in society should not adopt the same values or why our nancial markets and institutions cannot adopt alternative methods for valuing businesses based on what truly matters to people In other words if you focus on maximising social impact and purpose pro ts and shareholder value will certainly follow but the order is important purpose must come before pro t If the way we valued companies included these forms of capital the value attached to a company and in turn shareholder value would go up This for me is the game changer that will not only put human natural and social capital at the heart of every business decision but also resolve the current tensions business leaders face by ensuring shareholders and investors are aligned I often hear the argument that putting people and planet before pro t and more fairly redistributing wealth is contrary to the interests of shareholders this alone will deter and hinder companies from moving to a more sustainable way of doing business The research concluded that organisations are not measuring and therefore not managing the more scarce forms of capital that enable organisations and economies to grow and thrive namely human natural and social capital The good news is it also showed that where organisations invested in enhancing these forms of capital they also enhanced their nancial capital and pro t levels I am convinced that if such a change was made the model we have adopted here at Cordant will soon become the norm trust in business and nancial institutions would be restored and we will leave behind us a more prosperous and peaceful world Phillip Ullmann People and planet before pro t Research undertaken by Chief Economist for Mars Inc Bruno Roche and his team sought to nd answers to the question how much pro t is enough Phillip Ullmann Chief Energiser Cordant 8

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Cordant is a social business that always goes above and beyond It is constantly reviewing and enhancing sta welfare working environments and health and safety concerns All of which are paramount to us to operate clean and safe trains and stations Duncan Wilkins C2C Engineer Director

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ABOUT US Who we are Cordant was founded in 1959 by the Ullmann family Starting with security services we soon became experts in the delivery of exible solutions to meet the changing needs of our clients The business grew and we began o ering other services such as multi sector recruitment healthcare cleaning and more recently technical facilities management Sixty years later and we employ around 125 000 sta each year most of which undertake work for over 5 000 client organisations We operate internationally across a broad and diverse range of specialisms although we ve grown our strong family foundations mean that we ve stayed connected to our employees clients and suppliers and to the communities we operate in As pioneers in the recruitment and facilities space our industry leading services allow us to take care of people and property so clients can focus on their core business We re about more than a service transaction we re about helping thousands of people to live good lives We re building a stronger society by welcoming a new era of positive impact shared values and enhanced cooperation In 2017 we took the natural next step we became a social business We re proud to be the biggest business in the UK using purpose to drive meaningful pro t and to be amongst a group of forward thinking companies who are using business to improve society 10

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Improving society person by person ABOUT US Our purpose is to improve society person by person Because we re in the business of working with people across the country we re in an excellent position to make a true di erence Success means making a positive impact not handing out big bonuses In May we launched a programme of awareness amongst colleagues by hosting a Living Our Purpose Roadshow Phillip Ullmann Chief Energiser Chris Kenneally CEO and Ken Steers HR Director took to the road to communicate our message and present Cordant s purpose to colleagues from across the country informing them of what social business is and what it means to be part of one 11

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We are thrilled to be working with Cordant Their commitment to supporting Centrepoint is inspiring and it has been wonderful to see our partnership go from strength to strength Not only has their fundraising been incredible but they are helping to make a real lasting di erence to the lives of homeless young people in the UK Faye Edmondson Head of Corporate Regional Fundraising at Centrepoint

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OUR BELIEFS The beliefs which guide us We believe in a society united by shared opportunities where everyone can maximise their potential nd ful lment and live meaningful lives Our success is measured on our positive impact and not by the pro t we generate We want to ensure that when we make pro t society pro ts with us When we grow we can create better opportunities fund more good initiatives and make positive change Purpose driven pro t We re making a new future work and rede ning pro t as shared wealth When we pro t society will too We launched a ve year plan to deliver improved opportunities and personal wellbeing to the many thousands of people we employ and connect with each year Prosperity for all Covenant beyond contracts Every person should have access to equal opportunities nancial security and the chance to enjoy true prosperity We re redistributing wealth to provide people with the support and resources to enjoy good health feel secure and reach their potential At Cordant we have embarked on a journey which will see us develop covenantal relationships with all our stakeholders where partnership takes precedence over transaction however we recognise that this transition will take time 13

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Our social impact goals OUR GOALS We re still early in our transformational journey but have been busy laying the groundwork for a di erent way of doing business Our social impact goals de ne how we will live our purpose to improve society person by person Our goal is to help people Survive We re helping people to overcome hardship by providing sustainable earnings the working hours they want and need and the tools to build personal resilience Thrive We re enabling people to become the best version of themselves providing opportunities to develop progress and enhance overall wellbeing Revive We re creating systemic change by being a positive role model for better business putting people and society at the heart of what we do Our ve point strategy has been developed to support us in achieving our social impact goals 14

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OUR STRATEGY Our ve point social strategy Our ve point strategy has been developed to support us in achieving our social impact goals These strategies aim to improve worker opportunities and create a society which focuses on purpose not pro t and wellbeing not wealth Good jobs Maximising potential Building resilience Giving forward Reviving business Promoting a diverse and inclusive workforce enabling people to nd good jobs which suit their personal needs and circumstances Supporting underrepresented social groups to realise their potential enhance their earnings and improve their health and wellbeing Implementing wellbeing strategies to help people build nancial and personal resilience needed to live a sustainable and ful lling life Making a di erence by supporting social businesses and charities and allowing colleagues to volunteer their time to good causes Becoming better business role models and in uencing the social business debate through engagement with thought leaders 15

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Minimum and living wages explained Understanding the di erence between the National Minimum Wage the National Living Wage and the Real Living Wage is imperative for any business owner We refer to each in the next section of this document here is a little clarity on what these three terms mean National Minimum Wage National Living Wage The Real Living Wage The National Minimum Wage NMW is the minimum expected pay rate for a worker in the UK NMW is applies to every person over school leaving age regardless of their position but is dependent on employment status e g if you re an apprentice self employed or a volunteer NMW is set by the Government annually based on recommendations by an independent body known as the Low Pay Commission The National Living Wage NLW was introduced in the Summer Budget 2015 by the Chancellor at the time George Osborne Having become law on 1st April 2016 NLW now means anyone over the age of 25 and not in the rst year of an apprenticeship has to be paid 8 21 per hour or above as of April 2019 The NLW was simply a renaming of the NMW and not truly linked to the cost of living The Real Living Wage RLW is calculated independently of Government by the Living Wage Foundation a campaigning organisation in the UK The RLW is not a legal requirement but is a more realistic calculation of how much a worker needs to earn in order to meet the basic cost of living In most of the UK RLW is a recommended 9 per hour for London the recommendation is 10 55 per hour 16

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GOOD JOBS FOR ALL 1 569 Colleagues completed modern slavery training 92 Senior managers attended modern slavery seminars 11 Survivors of slavery found employment opportunities winners Campaign for Good Awards Best Equality Inclusion Our modern slavery strategy aims to empower all of us to help our colleagues We re making sure that we learn to see when someone might be exploited or in danger and provide tools and procedures to address the problem To date 1 569 people have carried out modern slavery training and 92 senior managers attended partnership seminars with Unseen We have worked with the Medaille Trust to nd employment opportunities for 11 survivors of slavery and partnered with Unseen UK to launch Be Seen Be Heard which raises awareness of modern slavery in high volume workforces Be Seen Be Heard won Best Equality and Inclusion Cause at the 2019 Campaign For Good Awards Awareness builds fairness We help people overcome hardship by providing them with good jobs sustainable earnings and the tools to build personal resilience The campaign also caught the attention of No 10 and the Home O ce who we are now collaborating with on Britain Thinks an ongoing research project which focuses on modern slavery within the manufacturing warehousing logistics and food processing sector 17

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GOOD JOBS FOR ALL Equal opportunities Back to Work training programmes are part of our commitment to providing equal opportunities for all irrespective of ability background or work history Our dedicated Welfare to Work team focuses on nding sustainable employment for disadvantaged and marginalised groups across the UK Over the last 12 months our collaborative partnerships with over 25 Back to Work providers and charities have resulted in 7 867 lives changed Two of our brands have joined the Disability Con dent scheme which helps organisations employ and retain disabled people or those with health conditions As an inclusive and diverse employer we re committed to making the most of the talents disabled people can bring and believe that all people deserve an equal opportunity to succeed We re not a supplier of consumer goods we supply people and people deserve to be treated fairly and with respect Through our work with multiple partners we are proud to have helped 644 individuals with non restrictive disabilities nd employment and transform their lives in the last 12 months We ve helped 5 458 of our temporary colleagues to move into sustainable permanent contracts and with the support of our clients over 10 000 colleagues now receive the Real Living Wage see minimum and living wages explained page 16 In addition we ve introduced 6 690 unbanked workers who were previously losing up to 20 of their net earnings when cashing cheques to an alternative payment solution 2 217 644 5 458 10 000 6 690 Lives changed through B2W schemes Individuals with disabilities now in work Workers moved from temp to perm contracts Colleagues receive the real living wage Unbanked workers now receiving 100 earnings 18

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Unseen is incredibly proud to join forces with Cordant in our shared mission to tackle modern slavery I am impressed by their genuine commitment to increasing understanding of forced labour in the sector and it s great to see them encouraging others to follow suit Andrew Wallis OBE CEO Unseen

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MAXIMISING POTENTIAL Making big dreams happen 55 Colleagues on career development apprenticeships We enable people to become the best version of themselves providing them opportunities to develop progress and enhance overall wellbeing We aspire to allow all hidden talents and abilities to ourish so everyone can develop their skill sets expand their boundaries and nd ful lment in their work Across Cordant 55 people have been given the opportunity to expand their knowledge through career development programmes and 211 colleagues have enrolled onto apprenticeships at various levels Within our recruitment division we have launched four future business leader programmes Platinum People High Potential Operational Excellence and Emerging Talent 40 colleagues are currently enrolled Our Security business has also invested in people development having launched STAMP Security Training Accredited Management Program which supports security o cers wanting to move into management roles 15 individuals have embraced the programme to date 382 Colleagues enrolled on apprenticeships 40 Colleagues on leaders of tomorrow programmes 15 Security o cers on management training 20

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A virtuous circle of wellbeing BUILDING RESILIENCE When we improve our health in one area this positively impacts the others Our wellbeing strategy promotes quality of life in three interconnected areas nancial mental and physical We re continuing to in uence clients to be NMW NLW compliant see minimum and living wages explained page 16 We re committed to sustainable living wages for all and actively promote nancial resilience across all our contracts Our temporary recruitment business have introduced xed weekly rotas for a large supermarket client who have now committed to 30 hours per week and six hour minimum shift length for colleagues Within our Cordant Services brand we are recognised as Living Wage Foundation compliant providing salaries based on the current living wage rates as well as ensuring workers have that they need to get by In partnership with nancial support organisation Neyber we rolled out a wellbeing survey the results of which will inform initiatives to promote nancial resilience The survey was completed by over 2 500 Cordant of our people based on their needs we will promote services such as nancial education and support low cost loans and advanced pay In June we trailed a health and wellbeing initiative in the North West which encouraging colleagues from across the Cordant Group to improve their health taking one hour once a week to focus on themselves their tness and their mobility The programme has been successful in promoting work life balance whilst encouraging colleagues to open up about mental or physical health issues In the last 12 months we have helped 6 690 unbanked colleagues who were losing out on up to 20 of their salary due to cheque cashing fees open a bank account 21

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Cordant s commitment to raising awareness and leading the ght against modern slavery demonstrates that they are an ethical and compliant provider It s great to know our colleagues are sourced by a business focused on human rights and fair treatment of workers Al Humphries Head of Procurement UK Ireland XPO Logistics

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GIVING FORWARD 20 days teaching support was given to special needs schools by our Education division 117 000 of much needed funds has been raised for multiple charities by colleagues People and society rst We re creating systemic change by being a positive role model for better business putting people and society at the heart of what we do This year we ve given 20 days of teaching support to special needs schools and we now supply 100 clients with eco friendly cleaning chemicals To date we have raised 117 000 for various charities and over the last 12 months we have given special focus to supporting homelessness charities raising an incredible 25K from multiple events including CEO Chris Kenneally s sponsored walk in support of LandAid Chris walked 135 miles in 4 days and raised an amazing 10K for the homelessness charity The gruelling Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge where a fearless 35 strong squad raised 7 397 for Centrepoint 23

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REVIVING BUSINESS Industry Awards The Global Recruiter Awards 2019 Best Large Recruitment Business Recognises Cordant s positive impact the judges said Cordant were a great example of a company that can completely change their game Ground breaking innovative and excellent on all counts A great vision and well executed clearly a great place to work with a very set mission for everyone Find out more Campaign For Good Awards 2019 Best Equality Inclusion Cause Campaign This joint campaign was the brainchild of Cordant in collaboration with modern slavery charity Unseen It and aimed to raise awareness of the Modern Slavery Helpline among workers most at risk Judge s feedback on the campaign was An incredible campaign so simple but such a fantastic impact Read more here Client Recognition Awards Role models for better business To inspire others we need to be champions of our cause live our purpose and be a positive role model for better business by sharing best practice and positioning ourselves amongst the best Go Ahead Sustainability Awards 2019 Supplier Sustainability Award Cordant were recognised for its exceptional sta initiatives that concentrate on creating rewarding roles and o ering personal growth and mentorship Cordant has partnered with Go Ahead since 2001 and we will continue to collaborate to ensure a sustainable transport service at every level Read more here 24

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REVIVING BUSINESS A new model of capitalism Our transformational journey has just begun but we are already in uencing the debate on a new model of capitalism Phillip Ullmann Cordant s Chief Energiser is a member of the Corporate Advisory Group supporting the British Academy s Future of the Corporation research programme which is examining the purpose of business and its role in society Cordant has also been identi ed as an exemplar organisation and is supporting a major research programme undertaken by Oxford s Sa d Business School and sponsored by the Ford Foundation which will examine how societal impact and in uence is a ected by organisational ownership Most recently Phillip was a contributor at the World Economic Forum where he joined a panel of global leaders debating the future world of work and challenges faced by organisations people and wider society Phillip has also spoken around the globe on the subject of socially responsible business and sustainability including a number of events to promote the UN Sustainable Development Goals 25

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Go Ahead and Cordant have been partners for more than a decade building a strong relationship based on mutual values of delivering for the community Aligning our own sustainable goals with the companies throughout our supply chain enables us to lead the industry in holistic sustainable action Go Ahead s interim Chief Financial O cer Elodie Brian

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Measuring success and our future impact

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OUR INITIATIVES A social blueprint for better business While many private sector organisations will talk the talk through well crafted CSR policies few have truly committed At Cordant we have made signi cant steps to energise a debate in the wider business community We re putting social purpose and impact at the heart of our business providing a blueprint and business case to in uence other large organisations to follow suit We believe government is a key stakeholders and must work collaboratively with business to nd sustainable solutions to the problems facing people and planet We are choosing to be a guiding light in times of rapid change by Developing technology to support job seekers nd sustainable employment based on thirst for knowledge and aspirations as well as salary and location Campaigning for the apprenticeship levy rules to be amended to bene t temporary and ex workers Launching an innovative solution to promoting colleague nancial physical and mental wellbeing But we won t wait for governments or laws to tell us to provide better opportunities and standards of living much more could be achieved if businesses and organisations across all sectors worked covenentally with each other and the government Partnering with e learning providers to help people develop their skills realise their full potential and improve their earnings Lobbying for further amendments to the Social Value Act to ensure company law provides appropriate corporate governance and creates a framework for responsible social business 28

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UN Sustainable Development Goals OUR MEASURES 1 No poverty We will provide jobs and promote equality ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to earn a sustainable living wage and be self su cient 3 Good health wellbeing Ensuring healthy lives and promoting nancial physical and mental wellbeing is essential to sustainable development and to elevate quality of life 4 Quality education Obtaining a quality education is the foundation to improving lives Learning new skills means we can thrive in the workplace and do what we love 8 Good jobs We are at the start of our journey and have spent the last two years developing our thinking and strategy As can be seen a signi cant impact has already been made but we recognise there is much more still to be done including the development of a more robust impact measurement framework which we aim to have in place in time for the start of our 2020 nancial year We ve chosen six of the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals to align our social purpose initiatives with these will contribute to the measurement framework we adopt We will create the conditions that allow people to have quality jobs and a sustainable income free from exploitation and criminal activity 10 Reduced inequality We want fair pay for all We strive to be inclusive across backgrounds and abilities and reduce the salary ratios between our lowest and highest paid employees 12 Responsible consumption We care for the environment and the world we leave behind We are developing a plan to ensure we reduce our energy consumption carbon footprint and impact on the planet 29

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WHAT S NEXT Future strategic social initiatives Good jobs for all Building resilience Launch of happy an app designed to drive employee engagement and satisfaction levels by delivering real time information to management Ongoing development of our onboarding platform Cordant Connect Establishing a joint venture social business with a well known disability charity to create a unique recruitment and employment vehicle for people with disabilities Promotion of real living wage across our client base see living wages explained For applicable Cordant brands to become Living Wage Foundation accredited All Cordant brands to be Disability Con dent accredited by the end of 2020 Maximising potential Develop partnerships with HR and Learning technology solution providers to o er scalable development resources to all Establish career coaching and mentoring hubs across the United Kingdom Reviving business Cordant to join UN Global Compact Review of energy suppliers and introduction of renewable energy supplier to the c 125 000 Cordant employs each year Review of Cordant company vehicle eet towards more environmentally friendly options Implementation of an integrated innovative wellbeing solution which will support promote and encourage physical mental social and nancial wellbeing amongst our community Giving forward Implement Give As You Earn scheme across Cordant payrolls Implement Giving Forward policy to allow Cordant colleagues to give their time to local community causes 30

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We are thoroughly impressed by Cordant s approach to social responsibility and its support for the communities it works within Our united project to create community hubs will increase collaboration between local businesses bring people together and create a family friendly environment Kate Thurs eld at Capital Regional

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Chevron House 346 Long Lane Hillingdon Middlesex UB10 9PF T 01895 210 800 F 01895 210 801 E info cordantgroup com www cordantgroup com